Hailing from New Orleans, Allison W. Good is an analyst focusing on energy security and geopolitics in the Eastern Mediterranean and Eurasia. Her extensive journalism background, research experience, and nuanced understanding of the political economy of oil and natural gas contribute a practical and informed perspective on energy issues at the domestic, regional, and international levels.

An M.A. candidate in the Middle East Studies program at George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs, Ms. Good has conducted field research on the geopolitical implications of Israel’s future natural gas exports and the foreign policy calculations involved. Her recent work has appeared in The National Interest, Defense One, Foreign Policy, The National (UAE), The Jerusalem Post, and The Daily Beast.

Ms. Good was previously a contract research analyst for Dr. Denise Natali, the Institute for National Strategic Studies’ Minerva Fellow at the National Defense University.  Her work there involved writing a comprehensive and detailed report, which synthesized the literature and arguments pertaining to hydrocarbon conflict and cooperation through analyzing various international case studies. At George Washington University, she has tutored at the Writing Center and served as Stephen Biddle’s Writing in the Disciplines instructor for his undergraduate Theory of War course.

Her experience in journalism has included a stint as an editorial researcher at Foreign Policy, where she wrote regularly for the Passport and Cable blogs, and freelance reporting from both New Orleans and Washington, DC. As a staff reporter at The Times-Picayune, Ms. Good covered the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, international trade, and the post-Katrina entrepreneurial boom.

Ms. Good received her B.A. in Political Science with a minor in French and Francophone Studies from Vassar College in 2011, earning departmental and general honors. She has a working proficiency in both French and Hebrew.

Email: allisonwgood [at] gmail [dot] com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Allison_Good1

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